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NANA C Enzyme Multi Cleaner 500ML

NANA C Enzyme Multi Cleaner 500ML
NANA C Enzyme Multi Cleaner 500ML
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  • Model: NANA C Enzyme Multi Cleaner 500ML
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Nana C Eznyme Multi-Cleaner products are specifically designed to clean your home safely and effectively without caustic chemicals. Nana C is made of 100% natural plant-based

formulation with chemical free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly use on any surface with no rinsing required.

Key Features:

● 100% natural plant-based formula ● Kills 99.9% of germs, tested and certified by trusted laboratory ● Non-toxic ● Chemical FREE

● Heavy metal FREE ● Child-safe, pregnancy-safe and pets-safe ● Remove stain and odor


● Floor Clean, ● Vegetables wash ● Laundry ● Dishwashing ● Degrease, remove stain and odors ● Pets grooming ● Plant fertilizer ● Aquarium


Intend for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If solution comes into eyes contact, rinse immediately with water. Consult doctor if problem persists.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and store in cool and dry place. ~Suitable for all types of surfaces cleaning. ~Shake well before use. ~General dilution ratio 1:1000 water. ~Made in Malaysia product.