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10 Jan ”奶奶喜“ 马桶清洗
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”奶奶喜“ 能有效的去除油剂,可用于清洁厕所。 ”奶奶喜“ 可以迅速去除卫生间的异味和顽固污渍,尤其是尿味。 马桶清洁:直接倒入马桶或直接喷洒在污渍处。静置 15 分钟。用刷子清洗并彻底冲洗。 提示:马桶冲水箱 定期将一瓶盖”奶奶喜“添加到冲洗水箱中。它有助于去除水箱中硬化的矿物沉积物并减少细菌的传播。..
10 Jan NANA C Toilet Bowl Cleaning
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Nana C is a great degreaser which you can apply in toilet cleaning. Nana C can be highly effective at mitigating restroom odors and stubborn stain, especially urine odors. Toilet cleaning: Pour directly into toilet or spray directly on the stained area. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it with brush ..
09 Jan ”奶奶喜“ 冰箱保养与清洁
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”奶奶喜“ 适合用于冰箱的清洁与保养。它能去除隐藏在冰箱里的异味,油剂,污渍和有效杀菌达99.9%。让您的冰箱时刻保持清洁卫生,安全如新。 按照 3 个步骤 1) 摇一摇 2) 喷一喷 3) 抹一抹..
09 Jan NANA C Fridge Cleaning
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Nana C is a great degreaser which you can apply in home appliance cleaning. Nana C can be highly effective at mitigating Fridge odors and stubborn stain and keep your Fridge as good as new. Follow 3 steps 1) SHAKE IT 2) SPRAY IT 3) WIPE IT..
06 Jan NANA C Fruits Wash
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Easy steps to wash your fruits with Nana C enzyme cleaner. 100% pure natural, no chemicals, no toxic, no bubbles. 200% effectively removes toxic chemicals, wax and other nasties from fruits surface...
06 Jan “奶奶喜”水果清洗
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03 Jan “奶奶喜“蔬果清洗
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03 Jan NANA C Vegetables Wash
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Easy way to wash your vegetables with Nana C enzyme cleaner Nana C enzyme cleaner ensuring you only eat foods that are as healthy as possible. Completely safe for you and your household...
30 Dec “奶奶喜”酵素清洁剂
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奶奶喜酵素清洁剂专为安全有效地清洁您的家而设计的,让您的清洗更轻松, 更安全。..
30 Dec About NANA C Enzyme Cleaner
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Nana C is made of 100% natural plant-based formulation with chemical free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly use on any surface with no rinsing required. Each Nana C product has a fermentation period of at least 6 months and we ensure the fermentation process in a sealed and strictly controlled environmen..
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